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Ruijie Certification System

Ruijie Certification System

Ruijie Certification is a professional network skill certification in IT industry. The certification aims to certify applicants’ professional network knowledge and skills as well as their competence to fulfill specific technical tasks or to take technical jobs. Those qualified in the certification can bring substantial return for their employers.


Ruijie Certification system includes career certification and instructor certification. In addition, it has been recognized by many third-party institutions. Professionals with the certificate can obtain certificates from these third-party institutions without taking examinations.

RCNA (Ruijie Certified Network Associate)

RCNA (Ruijie Certified Network Associate), the fundamental certificate for Ruijie associate network engineers, is oriented at the planning, design, implementation, and maintenance of small and medium-scaled network containing 100 nodes or less.

RCNA Certification is suitable for:

  • Professionals who will be engaged in network engineering and operation duties. He/She requires to fully understand and grasp the basic networking knowledge and technical know-how.
  • Existing professionals for network engineering, operation and administration and are seeking to upgrade the technical abilities.
  • Engineers from Ruijie Partners and Resellers.
RCNP (Ruijie Certified Network Professional)

RCNP (Ruijie Certified Network Professional), the professional certificate for senior Ruijie network engineers, is oriented at the planning, implementation, management, and maintenance of medium and large-scale campus networks containing about 500 nodes.

RCNP Certification is suitable for:

  • Professionals who possess 2 years or above practical experience for network engineering and implementation. They are seeking to further enhance their technical abilities.
  • Existing and potential technical staffs of Ruijie Partners and Resellers. He/She will be responsible for network engineering and implementation.

Competency Standard:
Obtain RCNP certification will prove your abilities to utilize Ruijie Routers and Switches. You will be able to deploy and manage the VLAN, Redundant Links, Routing, Network Egress and Security Equipments for the network as shown in the diagram below. Besides, RCNP will also prove your technical level of network security, network optimization, and project experience.

RCPS (Ruijie Certified Pre-Sales)

RCPS (Ruijie Certified Pre-Sales) is the certification for Ruijie product pre-sales engineer focus in campus network design and planning (300 nodes). Certified candidates would be able to highlight Ruijie product key specifications and features. Candidates will also be able to communicate effectively with customer to understand the network requirements and formulate a complete solution, in the same time able to explain and justify the solution and product proposed.

Target Audience:
Network engineers with at least 2 years of experience aim to further improve pre-sales technical capability.

RCNA is the prerequisite of the RCPS certification (If the RCNA prerequisite is not met, RCPS certificates would not be given even if the candidate passed the exam)

Ruijie signing or would-be signing partners technical personnel involved in network implementation and deployment.

Ability standard:
Obtaining the RCPS certification is proving of technical capability in independently support the small and medium campus network deployment (300 nodes) especially the solution and design of the overall project.